Apple Vs. Facebook: The social network can no longer follow users without their consent

In the last week, since Apple released iOS 14.3, the company has entered into an open conflict with Facebook. The new privacy features on iOS allow users to ask each application to block the tracking of behavior in applications for “targeting” ads. Of course, because Facebook “lives” from ads, the company does not want to offer users this option, but Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gave a clear answer to the social media giant: “users must have the freedom to choose ”.

Apple allows iPhone users to refuse tracking through the Facebook app

Facebook has been applying many tactics for a few days to bring the discourse on this topic to its side, but most likely, it will not impress users. Representatives of social networks say that by offering users the opportunity not to be followed, companies that advertise on Facebook will be affected, as their message will no longer be able to reach users who may be interested in those products or services. This is especially true of small or local companies, which cannot attract customers from all over the world.

At the same time, the company began notifying business page owners that Apple wants to affect their business by deciding to block users from tracking.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, who is not used to giving too many statements outside of official interviews, posted on his Twitter page a response directly to Facebook:

“We believe that users should have the choice to choose whether or not their data is collected and how it is used. Facebook can continue to track users through apps and sites just as it has so far, and the transparency feature in tracking iOS 14 apps only needs to do so with your permission. ”

And because Facebook feels a huge threat because of this feature, the company announced that it will support Epic Games in the lawsuit against Apple, which asks the company to open the platform to allow the installation of alternative app stores in the App Store.

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