How many kilometers does a Tesla car last? Elon Musk himself answers

Although it still has problems with quality control, Tesla has become the most valuable car manufacturer in the world. The reason is simple: Elon Musk’s company represents the future of road transport.

It is already known about electric cars that they are cheaper to maintain than those with internal combustion engines, because they have fewer moving components. But how many kilometers does a Tesla car last?

According to Solar Reviews, the batteries used in today’s Tesla cars last between 480,000 and about 800,000 km. After that, the battery pack must be replaced. Some cars will continue to operate, but with significantly reduced autonomy.

On average, the battery in a Tesla vehicle loses 10% of its capacity for every 260,000 kilometers traveled.

Tesla cars come with an advantageous warranty
This information was confirmed by Elon Musk on Twitter. According to him, the electric motor and the body on the Tesla Model 3, the cheapest vehicle in the company’s offer, were designed to withstand 1.6 million kilometers.

However, few cars produced by the company have reached more than 500,000 km, so we do not know yet what the situation is in practice.

In terms of battery warranty, Tesla offers eight years or up to 200,000 km, in the case of Model Y and Model 3. For Model S and Model X, the warranty is eight years or 240,000 km.

Drawing the line, a Tesla car should run at least 480,000 km, without the need to replace an important component, such as an electric motor or batteries.

However, there are customers, such as the one whose car roof flew shortly after he left the showroom, who probably doubt this.

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