Samsung launches the new 2021 Neo QLED, MicroLED and Lifestyle TV series

Presented at the first First Look virtual event hosted before CES 2021, the new Samsung 2021 TV offer consists of the Neo QLED, MicroLED and Lifestyle series.

Samsung has introduced a technology called Neo QLED, for its flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models. Neo QLED is a combination of a new technology for backlighting – Quantum Mini LED and the Samsung Neo Quantum image processor.

Like the Mini LED, Neo QLED technology involves the use of individual LED elements behind the display, which can focus light on a much smaller area. This allows much better accuracy when using the Local Dimming system, resulting in greater contrast through the darkening and selective illumination of different parts of the image. Samsung does not specify how many areas its new TVs have, only that it is better than their traditional QLED.

Neo QLED also has a new image processor called the Neo Quantum Processor, which uses 16 models of neural networks trained in AI upscaling and deep learning to scale the source image to the native resolution of the TV.

Neo QLED 2021 TVs are also differentiated by other features, such as a thinner frame around the screen, a new Slim One Connect Box for cable management, a new audio system with object tracking and spatial optimization. Other new features include Samsung Health with a personal trainer feature, 21: 9 and 32: 9 aspect ratio game modes, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support, Google Duo and Office 365 integration.

Samsung has also announced two new models of Smart TVs with microLED technology, available in 110-inch and 99-inch diagonals. These are 4K models, with support for 5.1 sound and split-screen viewing option in 4 × 4 mode.

microLED is a self-emitting display technology, somewhat similar to OLED. But unlike OLED, microLED does not use organic compounds, and pixels do not degrade over time. MicroLED screens can also achieve much higher lighting levels. However, this technology has long been too expensive to reach ordinary consumers, with the first generations of microLED screens being delivered mainly to customers in the business segment, as well as premium display solutions for presentations.

Thus, the new TVs launched by Samsung in 2021 are the first consumer products based on microLED technology. Undoubtedly, the prices will be exorbitant, but this will not be a problem for consumers with deep pockets, who want to have the best TVs of the moment.

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