IPhone 13 models could be thicker. Apple could reduce notch size

The first week of 2021 has just passed and rumors about the iPhone 13 are not long in coming. If last year we found out that Apple is preparing at least four new smartphone models in 2020, this year we find out that the new generation will change some aspects in terms of design, but that they will not be completely different from the iPhone 12 models. Interestingly, the new information suggests that Apple could make the phones a little thicker than in 2020, which could be good news.

The iPhone 13 could offer a similar design, with only a few key changes

MacOtakara, a Japanese information blog about Apple, which has provided accurate information many times in the past, suggests that the iPhone 13 generation could be delivered with a number of design changes. While the 2021 phones will keep the same overall shape, with flat glass edges and panels, they will not be 100% identical on the outside.

This is primarily because they will be a little thicker, with 0.26mm, which suggests that Apple has integrated something extra inside. Even if we don’t know exactly why the phones will be thicker, if we look in the past, the last time this happened, between the iPhone XR / XS and iPhone 11 generations, the newer models received larger batteries and, consequently, significantly better autonomy.

Since the iPhone 12 generation is not exactly “champion” in terms of autonomy, only the 12 Pro Max version being able to offer two days of use on a single charge, we can expect improvements in this regard. In fact, the components on the iPhone 13 should consume less power, and will be equipped with second-generation 5nm processors and an improved Qualcomm 5G modem.

Another design difference, this time more obvious, would be the notch, the famous cutout at the top of the screen. It looks like Apple will change its size for the first time, after debuting on the iPhone X in 2017. The new notch will be smaller, largely due to the fact that the call speaker will be moved slightly higher, probably close to the metal edge of the phone. . We have seen such solutions in the past from other manufacturers.

The camera could be completely covered with a sapphire glass panel

Finally, one last design difference will be in terms of the camera. While the module on the back of the devices will retain its size and probably won’t be a major upgrade in terms of quality and capabilities, MacOtakara says Apple will cover all three lenses with a single piece of sapphire glass. At present, each lens is individually protected with such glass. Consequently, the camera module on the new models could be rather similar to what we see in other manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei.

Of course, this is only the first unofficial information that mentions such specific details. Until September, when the new phones are expected to launch, it’s enough time for Apple to change its plans for the new models, if they are really real.

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