Huawei buys 90 patents from BlackBerry

BlackBerry has had a small sparkle in the last few years, with a return to the market alongside TCL with Android smartphone models, but now the company is moving back to software, leaving the phone business behind. The news that he is selling a portfolio of 90 patents was somehow to be expected, but the client is one that no one would have expected. Huawei, another company that has been having problems in the smartphone market lately, bought the rights over them from the Canadian manufacturer.

Both companies have had problems in the smartphone market in recent years Even more interesting is the fact that these patents are valid in the USA, and Huawei bought them, even if it does not have the right to sell smartphones or telecom equipment in this country. However, many of these patents are not necessarily related to mobile telephony. Most are in the field of security, an area in which BlackBerry has had an important presence, as its phones were considered very well secured, being used in companies and government organizations.

In fact, BlackBerry is also developing security solutions for companies, separate from smartphones, so these patents could be quite important for Huawei devices in the future. Other patents purchased are related to the text display modes depending on the screen orientation and how you can record the GPS module data.

Even BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the brand will move away from smartphones and focus on software in the future. Lately, BlackBerry has been licensing various technologies that it owns and even suing large companies such as Facebook or Twitter for using intellectual property without paying for licenses.

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