YouTube will have a Shopping section

YouTube will also have a Shopping section, allowing users to order various products promoted in videos.

Google already earns revenue from ads served through YouTube, from YouTube Premium subscriptions you can use to get rid of ads, and from charging subscriptions for certain YouTube channels. The next step will be to add a Shopping section, following the model already used in networks such as Facebook and Instagram, but adapted to the specifics of the video content platform.

The company is already working on the implementation, asking some YouTube creators to add their “certain products” videos. Their followers will then be able to see a list of those products, accessible through a link inserted in the video. For now, the experiment is only visible to YouTube users in the US.

“We’re testing a new way for people to easily discover and purchase products featured in YouTube videos. Creators enrolled in the pilot program can add certain products to their videos. Users can then see a list of recommended products by activating the Shopping symbol in the lower left corner of the video. Each product page can be explored to see more information, related videos, and purchase options for that product.

” Since October 2020, YouTube has been asking content creators to tag and track products featured in their videos, which could be related to Google’s analytics and shopping tools. The ultimate goal is for Google to sell articles in a dedicated section. YouTube Shopping, instead of just advertising products sold on other sites.

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