Honor is already preparing a phone with Google services. The V40 will also be launched with Huawei software

Honor’s new management doesn’t seem to be wasting much time. Just over a month after the sale of the brand in Huawei’s portfolio to a consortium of private companies and Chinese authorities, news is already circulating about the launch of the first model that will re-integrate Google services. Unfortunately, the company’s next top model, which has been in development since Huawei still owned the company, will not be equipped with the Google Play Store and other apps.

The Honor brand is already planning to launch phones equipped with Google services for 2021

The news comes from Kommersant, a Russian publication. The Russian press is following more closely what is happening with the Honor brand, as in this country, the company’s phones are in second place in sales in 2020. This is despite the fact that Honor models from the end of 2019 and launched throughout the year past were launched with Huawei Mobile Services and no access to the Google app store.

According to Kommersant, Honor will soon launch the new Honor V40 series, which will again use the Magic UI interface, based on Huawei’s EMUI. It is equipped with Huawei Mobile Services and the AppGallery app store.

Now that Honor has no connection with Huawei, however, its next phone, probably the Honor X11 model or perhaps the Honor 40 flagship series, will be equipped with Google services from the factory.

However, this means that users will again have a fragmented continuity of applications. After they have had to get used to the Huawei ecosystem in the last 18 months, with the company’s services and the AppGallery app store, but also with many other alternative application sources, starting with models re-equipped with Google, there will be no more simple way to use Huawei services. However, Huawei has released a version of AppGallery for other phones, so it is likely that at least the purchases in this store will surely be transferred from one model to another.

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