The Google Duo video calling application will stop working on some phones

It seems that Google wants a little more control over the Android platform, so it will limit access to its standard applications on devices that are not officially certified. This means that devices running versions without Google Play Services, such as those in China, will no longer be able to use the company’s communication applications. In addition to the standard messaging app, used for SMS and Google Duo, the video chat app will soon be limited.

Duo service, only for Google certified phones

We already knew that the Messages application from Google will no longer work on devices without official certification and without Google services starting with March 31, but now we find out that the Google Duo will have a similar fate. Duo was launched just a few years ago and has quickly become the dominant video chat application among Android users, largely due to its integration into the operating system. It also helps that it comes on other platforms, such as Samsung smart TVs with Tizen operating system.

Starting with version 123, users running Google Duo on phones without certification receive a message that warns them that they will no longer be able to use the app. To ensure that the data stored in it is not lost, Google encourages saving the content before the Duo refuses to run on that device.

Unlike Messages, the company does not provide a deadline for when the Google Duo will no longer run on such devices. Probably the most affected will be the users of Huawei smartphones launched in the last two years, who used Duo under EMUI, with the application downloaded from alternative sources.

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