A 2004 iPod has been modified to play music from Spotify

It will soon be 15 years since the iPhone “killed” one of the most popular devices on the market and also one that still enjoys enormous success: the iPod. Apple’s MP3 player was a true symbol of portable technology between 2001 and 2007, but it declined in popularity as soon as Apple offered a multi-functional alternative. However, there are nostalgic people who still want a dedicated portable music player, and a YouTuber named Guy Dupont has decided to bring an iPod in 2021 in the form of the new sPot device, equipping it with more modern hardware and access to Spotify for streaming. music from the internet.

The iPod used for this project was launched 17 years ago

The name sPot is obviously inspired by the name of the Spotify service. The device may look at first glance like a regular 2004 iPod, the latest model produced by Apple equipped with a monochrome screen. The next generations came with color screens that could display photos and videos, with the latest generations of iPod Classic being able to play TV shows and movies purchased from iTunes.

However, the standard iPod components are not found inside, such as the original screen with black text on a white background or the hard disk on which the songs were stored. sPot is actually a device made of parts that you can find on the internet very easily, such as a Raspberry Pi Zero, a 1,000 mAh battery, a module with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and software developed by Guy Dupont.

The components cost less than $ 100, and the most expensive part is the screen, which costs about $ 40. That’s because monochrome screens are no longer produced, especially at such small sizes, so the price of these components will continue to rise over time. The best part of this project, however, is the fact that the original clickwheel still works, and inside there is a small engine that provides haptic feedback for the actions on it.

Unfortunately, this device does not have a headphone jack either

Everything runs under the Raspotify application, written by Guy Dupont, which mimics the original iPod interface, but changes color from black and white to green and black. It uses the Spotify API to access its account, making it possible to play the standard playlists offered by Spotify, as well as the custom ones that you can make yourself. Last but not least, there is the search option, but typing on clickwheel has never been very comfortable and it is not even now.

The result is a portable Spotify player, but it has some limitations. First of all, it doesn’t have a headphone jack. One could probably be connected in the future with little effort. Playback is done exclusively via Bluetooth. Then charging via a micro-USB jack, not USB-C or the original iPod port.

For those who want to spend a weekend with an interesting project, Guy Dupont gives instructions and tells what he changed to make this project, and the software he wrote will be uploaded to GitHub, to be accessible to all those who want to use or modify it.

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