Samsung announces new OLED screens that increase visibility when used in open spaces

Samsung Display has unveiled a new generation of OLED screens, capable of providing better image visibility when used in natural sunlight.

OLED screens are in many ways superior to LCD, but they are disadvantaged in some situations. I chose it in the case of text and images rendered on a dark background, visibility under direct sunlight may be desirable. Samsung promises to correct this aspect, adding to the offer of OLED screens optimized solutions, able to provide increased brightness and better color reproduction.

The new generation OLED can already be found in the equipment of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phones.

According to the official description, the new OLED screens “use a proprietary light emitting mechanism, capable of generating more intense color tones and higher color levels when used in open spaces.” The company states that the innovations allow to obtain an Ambient Color Gamut rating of 73% on the DCI-P3 scale, as well as a maximum brightness of over 1500 nits.

To achieve these results, Samsung has developed new organic compounds, with improved OLED screens reaching the first phase only on high-end 5G phones: “Although it can be used with many types of smartphones, the new OLED from Samsung is particularly suitable for 5G devices, because it gives a greater utility of the devices and, in this sense, a greater value for the consumers ”, said Dennis Choi, vice president and head of the marketing team of Samsung Display.

As the increase in maximum brightness and improved readability under sunlight have been achieved through optimizations that increase energy efficiency, the use of the new type of OLED screen is expected to be reflected in better battery life.

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