How much storage space do you need on your Galaxy S21 for 8K shooting and what are the limitations

Samsung has chosen to deliver Galaxy S21 without a microSD slot, the internal storage becoming a factor that limits the use of certain functions, such as 8K shooting.

In the basic equipment Galaxy S21 comes with 128GB internal memory, which is partially occupied by the Android system and installed applications. The option for 256GB internal storage costs $ 50 extra, and for the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512GB you have to pay another $ 180, receiving an additional 16GB of RAM (compared to 12GB in standard equipment).

How much storage space does the Galaxy S21 use for 8K shooting?

Samsung has not made any notable changes to the video compression engine used by the Galaxy S20, the new flagship Galaxy also needing 550 MB – 600 MB for one minute of 8K filming.

Given that the Galaxy S21 still limits 8K shooting to 24 frames per second, the default 4K / 60 fps setting is a much better choice for shooting moving scenes. The resulting clips look better and consume less storage space.

Is there a limit to how long the Galaxy S21 can record 8K?

Galaxy S20 stops the capture process after 5 minutes of shooting in 8K mode, thus preventing Samsung from overheating and possible damage to the phone. Instead, with the Galaxy S21 you can continue shooting in 8K without hitting this limitation. But at about four minutes and 30 seconds, a suggestion will appear on the screen to limit the shooting time to less than five minutes to prevent overheating.

Indeed, the Galaxy S21 also warms up when shooting in 8K for a longer period of time. However, experiments with the Galaxy S21 Ultra showed that even after 5 minutes of 8K filming, the temperature felt on the case is within reasonable limits. However, the ambient conditions can quite influence the results obtained.

Specifically, an 8K clip filmed respecting the recommended duration of 5 minutes will occupy at most 3GB of phone memory, a Galaxy S21 with 128GB internal storage can accommodate over 160 minutes of filming.

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