Instagram is testing a new version of the Stories feed, inspired by TikTok

After first being inspired by the formula based on short videos of the TikTok network to deliver to Instagram users the alternative called Reels, Facebook continues in the same direction by launching a “modernized” version of the Instagram Stories feed.

Inspired by the rival Snapchat platform, the Instagram Stories feed is about to move to a new presentation formula. Adapted from the TikTok network model, the new version is designed for better presentation of video content and allows vertical scrolling, using swipe commands.

The screenshots with the test version reveal a fairly simple UI that informs users about the new presentation formula.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recently revealed that the Reels and IGTV video sections could be combined into a single content format, with their content appearing alongside regular videos. After all, most users probably do not differentiate between these platforms anyway, bringing under a single content feed to reduce confusion. At the same time, the Instagram interface could become cleaner and easier to navigate.

What is certain is that the vertical scrolling is a much more “natural” gesture than the left-right presses or slides. For example, the Android interface shows the applications and options in the Settings menu organized in vertical lists. The same goes for scrolling web pages.

And Instagram Reels posts are also scrolling vertically. Apparently, only the IGTV section will remain untouched, the long videos being intended for vertical viewing.

At an early stage of development, the new version of Instagram Stories is not yet tested with network users and could receive important changes before the official debut.

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