LG Virtoo is an application that plays Android applications on PC

The partnership between Samsung and Microsoft has delivered interesting options for Galaxy phone owners who want to benefit from Android and PC applications. Coming to the aid of other Android phone owners, LG is trying to fill the gap left by Samsung with the Virtoo application.

Pre-installed on all Windows 10 PCs, the YourPhone app suspiciously favors a certain brand of Android phones, leaving the rest of the smartphone manufacturers to do as well as they can.

Although it bears the company’s name, the Virtoo by LG application is not actually produced by LG, the South Korean company contracting a company called Screenovate, in the past used by the Dell Mobile Connect division for similar software development services.

Although the Microsoft solution is better known, Screenovate technologies are actually older, the two companies being caught in a competition to impose their own solution.

What is certain is that the application developed by Screenovate can play the interface of Android applications on PC without the need for a wireless connection, complete with messages and notification alerts. At the basic level, the application interface is taken over by a simple remote connection, the processing still running on the host device. Compared to other Remote solutions, Screenovate takes over only the selected application, not the entire Android interface.

The functionality is reminiscent of Progressive Web App (PWA) support, introduced some time ago as a solution for hybrid mobile applications, accessed and used through the internet connection. Screenovate sessions will probably require an active internet connection, the main difference being the level of performance offered.

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