The Chrome OS operating system receives a screen recording feature

Chrome OS was originally launched as a standalone version of the Chrome browser, providing basic web browsing functionality on less powerful computers. Over time, however, it has become one of the best “light” operating systems, which allows most of the usual productivity functions. To stop having to install third-party apps or Chrome extensions to receive certain features, Google now allows screen recording, just like on Android.

Google’s Chrome OS also has a feature available on the Android platform

Google has announced that it will offer through a update that will be released in March a native capability that allows the video recording of the screen. However, the feature is considered part of the effort to improve the education features of the Chrome OS operating system. An example cited by Google was that of teachers using Chrome OS computers, who would need screen recording to take pre-recorded lessons as support for live classes, or to be able to record the lesson from the course and then offer it as support. for homework.

Chrome OS will allow you to set a key combination to activate screen recording, and a sign will appear on the display warning that images are being recorded, while you can see the elapsed recording time.

With this announcement, Google also confirmed that it is working with partner companies to bring 40 new computer models with Chrome OS in 2021. In fact, each will be specially designed to provide a superior user experience in applications. video conferencing such as Google Meet and Zoom.

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