Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a lower score than S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max in DxOMark tests

Samsung claims that the new camera on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most advanced and high-performance it has ever made, but the DxOMark tests tell a different story. Not only does the new camera fail to reach the level of performance achieved by last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra camera, but it is behind much older models such as iPhone 11 Pro Max and Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, launched in late 2019 .

Galaxy S21 Ultra disappoints in DxOMark tests

DxOMark tests are already famous among smartphone fans, but not everyone always considers them relevant for performance in normal use. However, according to the site’s rating scale, Galaxy S21 Ultra has a similar performance to the model from a year ago in terms of photography with the main camera, even if the new model uses, in theory, a 108 megapixel sensor from a higher generation. nine.

However, the performance is much poorer in the case of zoom photography, even if the S21 Ultra uses two zoom cameras, compared to only one on the older model. Surprisingly, however, the new model is weaker in terms of video capture.

One difference between the two models tested by DxOMark would be the version of the devices. Thus, it may be a different quality of photo processing between phone variants. Last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, which scored 126 points in the DxO tests, was equipped with a Snapdragon 865 chipset, while the new Galaxy S21 Ultra model uses an Exynos chipset.

This could just be another difference between the US and European versions of Samsung phones. Over time, differences in performance, heat produced by the processor, or even autonomy have been highlighted. The differences between the performance of the cameras were not highlighted until these tests.

Of course, not everything is on a negative note and the Galaxy S21 Ultra still has a high-performance camera, but not as high-performance when compared to other top phones on the market. The problem is that there is more image noise than you would expect from a top-of-the-line phone, while video stabilization isn’t exactly effective, say DxOMark.

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