How to use Battery Report to find out the “health” status of your laptop’s battery, under Windows 10

Battery Report is a Windows 10 feature that allows you to measure the “health” of your laptop or tablet battery, but it is well hidden and few users know of its existence.

Called Battery Report, the function is accessed from the command line and allows the generation of a report, comparing the measured capacity of the battery with the “official” value reported by the equipment manufacturer. Among the useful information displayed we find the number of charge / discharge cycles through which the device, the type of cells used (eg Li-Ion or Li-polymer), the serial number and the name of the manufacturer that supplied the respective battery module.

Also, with Battery Report you can see how much Windows estimates that battery life should be, compared to what is actually obtained in real use.

Thus, if you are curious about the condition of the battery or you have noticed that the operating time has been shorter lately and you do not know if the source of the problems excessive consumption caused by any software application or simply battery wear, Battery Report could be help.

How to use Battery Report

Open Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell from the Start menu, choosing from the alternate list displayed for right-click
Set the location where the report will be saved by typing cd% HOMEPATH% / Desktop
To generate the report type powercfg / batteryreport
The resulting HTML file should appear directly on the desktop. It can be opened using a double-click, directly in your favorite web browser. The report will contain a chart and list of recent usage sessions, showing the remaining battery level, measured in percent and mWh.
Important to know, usage statistics are only for the current installation of Windows 10. So if the laptop is a bit older and has undergone several OS reinstallations, you will not be able to find out the total number of charge cycles or battery capacity as it was the new stage. Both information are particularly useful for determining the current level of wear.

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