Apple will open a new microprocessor development center in Munich

Apple is expanding its capabilities for the development of 5G chipsets and modems, funding the opening of a new research center in Munich – Germany.

The news in an official statement outlines a three-year investment plan, with the new European Center for Microprocessor Design costing around € 1 billion.

Spread over an area of ​​30,000 square meters, it will be the most important research center managed by Apple in Europe, used for the development of hardware and software solutions for the mobile communications segment.

“I couldn’t be more curious about what our team of engineers in Munich will discover – from exploring new possibilities in 5G technology to a new generation of technologies that will allow even more performance, speed and connectivity.” – Tim Cook

Waiting to host the first teams of engineers there, until next year at the latest, Apple is thus materializing the divorce of Qualcomm, as a supplier of chipsets for its products. The dependence on 5G modems is especially targeted, their cost being especially problematic for Apple.

In addition to cost reductions, the development of its own 5G communications solutions also comes with the advantage of additional flexibility. Apple will be able to integrate 5G capabilities directly into the chipset of future iPhone models, better optimizing power consumption and performance.

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