It’s official: Samsung will not launch a Galaxy Note in 2021

After several months of rumors and speculation, DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s IT and mobile division, confirms what we already knew: in 2021, the South Korean company will no longer launch a Galaxy Note model. Thus, those who prefer a device with stylus and traditional screen, will have to settle for the Galaxy Note20 series models for another year. However, the Note series does not disappear completely, but only takes a short break.

The Galaxy Note series will take a break this year

Koh said there are no plans for a Galaxy Note21 in 2021 at an investor conference, but confirmed that there will be a smartphone in this series next year. However, we may not see the same launch schedule until now. In the past we could match our watches after the Samsung launches, which came in February-March with a new S series and in August-September with a new Note series.

It is further rumored that this year the Note series will be replaced in Samsung’s portfolio by the foldable Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip models. In fact, the information we currently have says that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will benefit from support for the S-Pen stylus. And this is not the only device compatible with a stylus from 2021. Galaxy S21 Ultra has already been delivered with a compatible display.

One of the reasons why Samsung could give up a new high-end series in 2021 could also be the semiconductor crisis, which brought with it a chip crisis. Qualcomm has already announced that it will not be able to deliver processors to partners with the same efficiency in 2021 compared to 2020, and Samsung seems to have the same concerns, according to Koh:

“The instability between component supply and information technology demand is serious.”

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