Advantages of Oculus Quest 2 for Corporate Training

“Transform the way you work with virtual reality. Oculus VR for business eliminates physical barriers and offers powerful new ways to connect, collaborate and learn. ”- Oculus.

With Oculus Quest 2 you don’t need expensive virtual reality hardware or powerful mobile devices to run VR experiences. This VR Quest 2 Glasses is a standalone, affordable headset that can be used with a range of applications and training scenarios.

Training and Virtual Reality

VR opens up new exciting opportunities for employee training. Because all kinds of scenarios can be stimulated and improvised anywhere in the world (for example: fire safety training or giving a speech at a conference), each student has the opportunity to practice their skills without consequences in the real world.

Everyday reality shows that it is difficult to practice many soft skills scenarios using traditional methods. This is where VR (vr 3d smartphone glasses) comes into play. Without VR, how could employees cope with an office fire? Or to respond to a huge number of Black Friday requests?

What are Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses, 3d virtual reality glasses?

Quest 2 is a VR headset that allows you to experiment with VR applications without the need for a high-performance computer or mobile phone. The set comes with everything needed to fuel VR experiences and is an effective tool for all types of VR training.

Features Oculus Quest 2, virtual reality glasses

Personal view – State-of-the-art crystal optics and 3D graphics. These virtual reality glasses give the feeling of a personal cinema.
Meetings with friends – Get to know the VR world with other colleagues and you can participate together in certain VR trainings.
Portable and easy to use. No need for phone, PC or other wires.
Allows easy navigation with manual and intuitive controls.
Allows meeting with colleagues in the VR world when broadcast directly on a compatible TV or in the Oculus mobile application.
Built-in audio. Built-in speakers that deliver 3D cinematic sound.
When you put the Oculus Quest 2 VR glasses on your eyes, you immediately discover that they are comfortable. They have a soft inner lining that feels good on the face and nose. They also allow good ventilation. Their weight is small, which is why they can be worn for longer VR sessions.

The speakers located in the belt holders on both sides of the head prove to be incredibly useful. Although we can’t say that they replace a pair of high quality headphones, these speakers have very good performance. Although not positioned directly at the ears, the speakers offer a real feeling of immersion in the virtual world, without the need for an additional pair of headphones.

Oculus Quest 2 glasses also include a manual controller, well designed and easy to use. It has ergonomic dimensions and its responsive controls facilitate navigation in the virtual world.

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