5 Ideal Things To Do When You Really Need To Procrastinate

Usually, procrastination is not exactly a good thing, but it’s a very natural one. Our brains are wired to prioritize the more comfortable things. When we want to start our work, for instance, our ‘inner demons’ will tell us something like ‘why not make a coffee first?’ or even worse: ‘you have plenty of time to do it tomorrow, just take the day off!’. Those who manage to conquer their procrastination drive are true heroes.

However, today we’ll be speaking about something a little different: how to make procrastination fun. It’s generally frustrating when you delay your true plans, but you can also use that time in a fun and productive way. Here’s how:

Play RPG’s

Logic games aren’t for everybody, so why not relax your procrastinating brain with a nice dose of role-playing games? You could try The Elder Scrolls, GTA V, the latest sensation known as Cyberpunk 2077, and a lot more. For an extra amount of fun, you can also play these games along with your friends.

Play Snake

The Snake game was very popular for the age-old Nokia phones that didn’t have touchscreens. In Snake, the player has to manoeuvre a snake as he eats fruits and becomes longer. The beauty of the game is that the player must use his creativity to make the snake avoid touching himself as much as possible.

Build an app/game

Coding gives you that unique feeling of power and dominance, which does a lot more than just relaxing you. If you have some programming skills, don’t hesitate to put them in a text editor like Sublime Text 3 or Notepad++. You can create an app or game at your own will, although such a process will take some time.

Upload something on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you know very well what pleasant feeling you have when someone comments on your posts. Try to take advantage of that once more – make a post about good pieces of advice you give to people, regardless of what topics you’re covering. Certainly, at least some of the users will find your content interesting.

Play Scrabble

You can invite some friends over and play Scrabble Word Finder together to see who’s better with words. Scrabble is a very popular and ingenious word game, where two-to-four players have to arrange letters in the right way to form words. There are more games similar to Scrabble such as Words with Friends, Jumble, and Anagram Solver.

Trying fun and productive stuff represents a great way to make your procrastination pleasant, and our recommendations will surely work for you.

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