5 Essential Tools for Writers and Journalists

There are many software tools that can help you on your journey of becoming a better writer. Creative writing isn’t for everyone, but the good news is that you can become a good content writer if you develop enough knowledge. And anybody can learn as long as he truly wants it!

Writing content can become both addictive and fun, but as in any other field, nobody is perfect. Some powerful software tools are needed, and we’re glad to offer you our best recommendations:


Errors will definitely happen sooner or later, regardless of how smart you are. It’s normal to make mistakes, and that’s when Grammarly comes in handy – the online app that corrects all kinds of errors from a piece of text. It will even come with recommendations for constructing easier to read phrases, eliminating overused words, and more. The app is free of charge if you want to use it for eliminating the basic mistakes, and the premium version requires a fee of $29.95 per month.

Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, you have pretty much everything a writer needs: create text in all formats and styles, place and resize images, add tables, links, quotes, and much more. You can even add a plugin for using Grammarly directly into Word.

Word is available for free as an online version, as several other essential tools from Microsoft: PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, Skype, and more.

Microsoft Excel

Feel free to try Excel if you need to structure information, such as highlighting a chapter’s status, calculating how much you’re writing each day, and more. Microsoft Excel can assure you that you finish your work on time.


Lua is a great online app for manoeuvring PDF files in pretty much any way you can think of: Compress PDF, merge, or convert them into and from other formats. The app can convert your Excel to PDF, as well as other formats seamlessly. The app is totally free and available for all computer operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A reliable camera

You definitely need a good camera app for taking the right pictures and insert them into your articles. You need good images to capture the reader’s attention, or you can use the camera as a research tool to document what you find. You could use DSLR Camera Pro, ProShot, or even the Google Camera.

These are our best recommendations when it comes to essential tools for writers, and we’d be happy to know if there are any other apps that you prefer.

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