The Clubhouse social network will allow donations to content creators without commissions

The Clubhouse social network is now on the rise, and industry giants have already begun copying its functions. However, the developers behind the audio network don’t give up too quickly, trying to offer something that the competition probably won’t offer very soon: the ability to support content creators without charging commissions from these payments. This capability is possible thanks to a partnership with the Stripe payment system.

Clubhouse will allow users to donate money to content creators

Content creators on the Clubhouse will be able to receive money in the form of donations from other users directly within the application, the development team announces. Along with the Stripe payment processor, the company will offer this fast and transparent functionality. Unlike other platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, which charge 30-35 or even 50% of certain payments that users make to content creators, Clubhouse promises that 100% of the money goes to them.

This strategy could prove to be successful, as it is hard to believe that alternatives such as those developed by Twitter or Facebook will offer the same benefits to content creators. Somehow, Clubhouse is trying to maintain its status as a more exclusive social network, still maintaining the invitation-based access system and compatibility only with the iOS operating system, at the moment. An Android version has already been promised, but will come in the next “few months”.

Content creators will start receiving the opportunity to receive money from other Clubhouse users in the near future, and initially, this feature will be activated for a limited number included in the trial period. The group of users will be increased over time, probably for reasons of popularity within the platform.

“Our goal is to help content creators build communities, audience and impact. Clubhouse continues to grow and it is important to align our business model with that of the creators, helping them make money and thrive on the platform, ”said Clubhouse developers.

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