Android Auto users can now use the TomTom AmiGo navigation app

In an age when not all phones were connected to the internet, and dedicated GPS devices were still popular, TomTom was a true standard in the navigation industry. However, as soon as the first iOS and Android smartphones appeared, their popularity began to decline, and users turned more to Google’s map solutions. However, there are users who want to stop using so many Google services and TomTom AmiGo could be useful in such situations. Until now, however, it could not be run through Android Auto, but everything changes after the new update from Google.

TomTom AmiGo is a simpler navigation application

Just a few days ago, Google announced that it will allow all users to use various new navigation applications through Android Auto, in addition to the options already available, such as Google Maps and Waze. Among these applications is TomTom AmiGo, the solution of the “old” manufacturer of offline map solutions.

TomTom is now more of a provider of navigation solutions to other companies. Various car manufacturers use its maps for integrated car systems, while Huawei uses such services for Petal Maps. The TomTom AmiGo interface is very reminiscent of traditional GPS devices, but that’s probably what the company wants to say.

Those who prefer simplicity and “classic” graphics now have the option to use directly on the car screen, through the Android Auto system, a “classic” map system, without too many elements that could distract. But that doesn’t mean the app is stuck in the past. In addition to the maps themselves, AmiGo also receives traffic information about congestion, but also includes radar warnings, or obstacles, just like Waze. The most interesting thing is that TomTom AmiGo is completely free, does not include ads and does not collect personal data, something that Google constantly does through Maps and Waze.

The TomTom AmiGo application needs the latest update in order to be displayed on the car screen, while the Android Auto system on the phone must first be updated to the latest version in order to display the new compatible applications.

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