Samsung is proposing a way to restore the usefulness of old phones

Samsung launched the Galaxy Upcycling program a few years ago, but so far, progress in finding a new utility for obsolete smartphones and tablets has been long overdue.

The idea, perfectly commendable, is to counterbalance the consumerist impulse that encourages the replacement of the current smartphone every two to three years with a solution that avoids its transformation into expensive technological waste to be recycled. For example, instead of buying a new smart-speaker device, or a wireless camera for monitoring the child in the next room, such as doing this by reconverting the phone that has been lying in the drawer for some time?

“We are trying to rethink how we use existing resources, and we believe that the key to the recycling cycle is to enable solutions that turn old technology into something new, by assigning features that add value to the consumer,” said Samsung Vice President Sung -Koo Kim. “We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our daily lives, and through Galaxy Upcycling at Home, users can join our journey to a sustainable future.”

Extended functionality options can be accessed in the SmartThings Labs section of the Samsung SmartThings app.

Properly set, your old Samsung phone can send alerts when things like a crying baby or a barking dog are detected. The recorded sound will be sent as part of the alert. Another feature uses built-in sensors to turn on room lights when ambient light begins to dim. The SmartThings application also includes some battery optimizations, so that the converted phone will be able to work for a longer period in the new role. Of course, for truly “tired” devices, the option of permanently connecting to the AC adapter remains, assuming that it was in the accessory package and has not been lost in the meantime.

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