Apple M2 is already in production. New MacBook models with M2 could be launched in the summer

Apple has dealt a major blow to PC processor companies, especially its former partner Intel, which has been producing chips from Apple computers until now. The Apple Silicon M1 processor, which debuted last year in the MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini, offers much improved performance compared to previous models with Intel, with lower consumption, and now the chip is also found in the iMac and iPad Pro. However, it seems that this year we will receive an even stronger chip, which will debut on the new generations of Apple laptops that have not yet received a hardware refresh. This chip, currently called M2, has already entered production and could debut very soon.

Apple continues the transition from x86 to ARM

Apple has promised that in the next two years, all its computers will switch from x86-based processors to ARM. An important part of its computer offering is already using the new M1 hardware platform, somehow matching the level of performance offered between many of the devices it offers. Basically, whether you choose an ultra portable MacBook Air, a small desktop or an All-in-One, they all use the same chip and all offer a similar level of performance.

However, there are still more advanced use cases, for which even more performance is required. That’s why computer series like the iMac Pro and higher versions of the MacBook Pro haven’t been updated yet, not to mention the Mac Pro, which is a professional desktop computer, equipped with multi-core processors, hundreds of GB of RAM and chips. advanced graphics.

The Apple M2 could be the most powerful laptop processor on the market
The Apple M2 chip would now be in final production at TSMC factories using an improved 5nm manufacturing process: N5P (5-nanometer plus). It could be ready for delivery in finished products in the summer through July. Even if Apple usually launches new computers in the spring or fall, a summer launch would not be completely ruled out. Apple may want to speed up the transition to ARM, as users of its most expensive computers now do not have an upgrade alternative from Intel.

The first computers to use the Apple M2 would be computers like the MacBook Pro in versions with 14 and 16 ”screens, with a new design and probably more connectivity ports than the previous models, which offered two or four ports. Thunderbolt. Then we could see a new iMac with a bigger screen, 27 ”, with improved specifications compared to the recently launched iMac.

For the iMac Pro and Mac Pro models, it is possible to see the launch of a new chip, even more powerful than the Apple M2. Even a new, smaller Mac Pro model is expected to deliver very high performance at a lower price.

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