Microsoft announces the fixing of an old Windows bug that affects multi-monitor configurations

Those who use Windows PCs with more than one monitor probably already know what the bug is.

Every time your PC goes into standby, the layout and size of application windows is completely turned upside down, throwing into chaos any activity you previously performed. Microsoft promises to finally solve the problem that occurs especially when using monitors connected via the DisplayPort or Thunderbolt interface. The company calls the solution found Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD).

Here is the most common scenario, your PC is connected to an external monitor, with applications scattered on all screens. Then, either the PC automatically enters standby mode following the power saving settings, or it is switched off by the user using the standby or hibernation option. When you return and the computer resumes, Windows moves all applications to a single monitor and resizes the windows to a very small size (eg 640 × 480), forcing you to rearrange them manually.


For now, in order to benefit from the remedy prepared by Microsoft, you must enroll in the Windows Insider program, respectively install the latest version of Windows 10 test (eg Build 21287). Finally, this Windows bug will be fixed in the official version of Windows 10, after Microsoft engineers will make sure that the remedy created does not introduce other unforeseen problems.

Relatively recently, Microsoft also announced testing of a possible fix for a Windows 10 bug that triggers the defragmentation utility every time the PC is started / restarted. A Windows 10 update has broken the storage device defragmenter programming feature, with the utility trying to optimize SSDs on every PC startup. The problem is that this operation involves write operations that target a very large number of NAND flash cells, repeating this routine without a good reason is accelerated wear for some lower quality SSD devices. The problem has since been resolved.

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