Donald Trump has launched his own “Twitter”, which only he can post

Donald Trump was expelled from all major social platforms in January following violent protests in Washington. He was accused of encouraging protests and violating the rules of use on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat and almost any other platform. In fact, Parler, the network that many of its supporters have moved to, has been removed from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon servers. But it seems that Trump is returning to the online environment after an absence of a few months with a blog.

Donald Trump returns to the online environment on his own platform

There have been many discussions about the future of Donald Trump in the online space in the last few months. Parler’s representatives hoped Donald Trump would join the platform, while Donald Trump’s representatives talked about their own platform, where tens of millions of his supporters would interact. It’s just that his new platform is not a social network that competes with Facebook, Twitter and other alternatives, but a simple blog.

In fact, there were rumors that Donald Trump could start a new television, but these plans are probably still far from being realized.


Interestingly, however, Donald Trump’s new blog is formatted to display Twitter-style content, with short messages arranged in reverse chronological order from top to bottom. Basically, Trump now has a new “Twitter”, but only for him, where only he can post and cannot be censored or publicly attacked. In fact, there are no comments or the possibility to react to these messages.

But what exists is the possibility to publish these posts on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.


However, for a billionaire in dollars and a former president of America, Trump is still asking for donations from his supporters, with the possibility of donating between 50 and 5,000 dollars for the “Make America Great Again” movement, whose goal is “Saving America” . Of course, there is also a Trump souvenir shop like the Save America hat and the famous MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, T-shirts, mugs, flags and even plastic straw with Donald Trump’s name.

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