Google, fined 100 million euros in Italy for the Android Auto platform

Google received a new fine in Europe, this time in Italy, where the equivalent of the Competition Council ruled that the manufacturer of the Android operating system abused a dominant position in the market. The fine amounts to 100 million euros and was applied because it did not allow Enel X’s application, JuicePass, to be accessible through Android Auto.

Google has not allowed JuicePass to be published on the Android Auto platform

Enel X’s JuicePass app is a simple app that uses real-time maps to guide electric car drivers to the company’s charging stations. Google recently opened the Android Auto platform and allowed several such applications to be published with functionality on the car screen. However, JuicePass was not among them, despite the fact that other similar applications were approved.

Authorities say that Google is preventing Enel X from growing in a market that is at the beginning of the road and that Google will have to allow JuicePass on the Android Auto platform. In fact, the company will have to provide access to the tools needed to develop applications for its platform and for other interested developers.

But Google denies the allegations and says. However, no new arguments were brought to block the JuicePass application in Italy. At the same time, the company’s representatives say that Google puts safety first on the Android Auto platform, suggesting that it is an application that does not comply with the car application development regulations. Most likely, however, this situation will be developed in court, as Google will be able to challenge this decision.

Of course, Google is not the only company that does not support any application on its car platform. Until recently, Apple did not allow the use of basic applications through the CarPlay system, such as Waze or WhatsApp.

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