Apple Music will have lossless playback and audio spatial options available at no extra cost

Apple Music subscribers will be able to listen to their favorite music using loseless compression (without loss of quality), ensuring the best possible audio fidelity.

Available starting next month, the new quality setting will require significantly more bandwidth and could create problems for those using low-traffic mobile internet connections (eg roaming data packets).

At the same time, the music could sound better through dedicated audio systems and if you check the Dolby Atmos option for audio spatialization.

Both will be available at no extra cost, with Apple stating that approximately 75 million songs will be available for listening in loseless mode.

In order to benefit from the new functionality, it will be necessary to install the latest version of the Apple Music application, respectively to check the relevant settings in the Settings – Music – Audio Quality menu.

To avoid overloading your internet connection, you will also be able to choose different quality levels in Wi-Fi mode, respectively mobile data. At the same time, you will be able to download your favorite music in the loseless mode on your phone, taking advantage of the moments with Wi-Fi internet access.

According to Apple, the loseless quality level starts from the equivalent of CD Quality, 44.1kHz / 16 bit and can reach 48kHz / 24 bit, both variants can be played natively on iPhone and iPad devices. But the fidelity level can go up to 192kHz / 24 bit, if you use compatible external playback equipment.

Those who use AirPods and Beats headphones equipped with H1 or W1 revision audio processor, respectively the integrated speakers on the latest iPhone, iPad or Mac models will have the Dolby Atmos playback option automatically selected. Furthermore, audio albums available in Dolby Atmos format will be highlighted accordingly in the playback interface.

In response to competition from Apple, Amazon announced on Monday that it will offer similar facilities to Amazon Music HD subscribers, at no additional cost if they opted for the Amazon Music Unlimited package

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