Apple could launch an anniversary iPod 20 years after the launch of the first model

Even though the iPhone is now the main product that Apple is developing, 20 years ago, the company hit the world with the iPod, the first portable portable music player that offered space for several thousand songs. By the time the iPhone launched in 2007, however, the iPod had become a range of outdated and expensive products compared to the competition, but few know that Apple still sells an iPod product: the iPod Touch, an iOS device that still receives software updates. In 2021, the company could launch a new anniversary iPod model with a modernized design.

A new iPod Touch could be launched in 2021

The seventh-generation iPod Touch is the latest “survivor” of the iPod range. This is practically an iPhone SE without the phone function, being equipped with iOS 14 and being able to run all the applications on the iPhone. It was launched two years ago and features a 4 ”screen and an Apple A10 Fusion processor, the same one found in the iPhone X. Its price can range from $ 200 to $ 400, depending on storage chosen (32, 128 or 256 GB).

There are rumors by MacRumors editor Steve Moser that in 2021, Apple will launch a new iPod Touch model. It is a model that marks the 20th anniversary of the series of devices. According to the message posted by Moser on Twitter, this device would use the modern design of the iPhone 12 series, with straight edges and flat screen, with a larger screen and a screen without a notch. However, some fairly thick edges may appear around the screen.

The device is not equipped with either Face ID or Touch ID and could be dedicated to young users who do not yet own a smartphone. Currently, the iPod Touch is presented as a device where you can watch videos, listen to music and play smartphone games, so probably a new iPod Touch would be aimed at the same audience.

However, the first images describing this device are not based on official plans, so the design remains at the rumor level, at the moment.

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