Microsoft Teams becomes an alternative to WhatsApp, receiving the option for instant messaging

Launched as a solution for video calling and collaboration between teams, Microsoft Teams is now a full-fledged platform for instant messaging, with similar functionality to WhatsApp.

Even if the name Microsoft Teams is not the first choice you think of when you want to give up WhatsApp services, the alternative is definitely a valid one. Like the alternative supported by Facebook, Microsoft Teams is free to use for personal use and available with native applications for Android, iOS, desktop PCs and web versions, the latter being especially useful for occasional contact of those who I still don’t use Microsoft Teams as usual.

Features include options for defining tasks and to-do lists directly from the chat window, even while chatting with friends or coworkers. Moreover, you can schedule appointments and send invitations without leaving the chat. Soon, you will even be able to initiate polls among the participants in the discussion.

As for video calls, Microsoft Teams supports sessions with up to 300 participants for free, which can last up to 24 hours. However, the extremely generous facilities will not last too long, this being a concession granted by Microsoft during the COVID pandemic. But even after returning to “normal”, Microsoft assures that it will still allow video calls in 1 on 1 mode, lasting up to 24 hours. Perfectly convenient, group calls will be limited to 100 participants for up to 60 minutes. At the same time, the support for virtual backgrounds will be kept, allowing to hide the clutter in the room with a much more attractive landscape from an aesthetic point of view.

The list of offered facilities also includes animated Gifs, support for sending emojis and interactive animations, including video calls.

Another benefit that is not found in the rival WhatsApp is the possibility of creating separate user profiles for work activities and communications with the family, between which you can switch at will.

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