The first Exynos chipset with AMD graphics, officially confirmed. Ray Tracing will be supported

Samsung and AMD confirm the launch of the first Exynos chipset with Radeon graphics for the second half of this year.

The partnership between Samsung and AMD is about to bear fruit, and the expectations of the fans will not be deceived. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the next Exynos chipset will include graphics acceleration based on the RDNA2 core, complete with many of the fashionable technologies among PC and console gamers. Thus, we will soon be able to enjoy Android games played at a quality level close to the titles for the console, using ray tracing and variable rate shading technology for the dynamic adjustment of the displayed details.

The two technologies should substantially increase the level of graphics quality, leaving at a disadvantage the conventional solutions delivered by Qualcomm and other manufacturers of chipsets for mobile devices.

Basically, Samsung will include in the Exynos chipsets the same graphics acceleration technologies found on the AMD Radeon 6xxx series of accelerators, respectively the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S game consoles.

Under the agreement signed between the two giants, AMD will license to Samsung customized solutions for graphics acceleration, based on the Radeon-DNA GPU (RDNA) architecture, for use in mobile devices and other products that complement AMD’s product offering. Thus, while Samsung benefits from one of the best graphics acceleration solutions on the market, AMD gets direct access to the smartphone market and a constant source of income, generated by every Samsung device that incorporates RDNA technologies.


Among the first beneficiaries of the new chipset could be the Galaxy S22 series phones. But they are not expected before the end of this year, or in the first part of 2022.

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