Maximizing the Volume of Your AirPods: Tips and Tricks

Listening to music on Apple’s AirPods can be an awesome experience most of the time, but it surely becomes very frustrating if the volume is too low and you can’t possibly raise it higher. Unfortunately, there are some users confronted with such scenarios, but that doesn’t mean that the issue can’t be solved.

Even a company like Apple makes mistakes and receives negative feedback sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not. One wise man once said that you learn more from mistakes than from victories, and it can apply to anybody and any company.

Why is the volume for the AirPods low

First and foremost, we need to find out why the volume of AirPods is too low. In other words, why are the AirPods so quiet sometimes? Assuming that our readers are intelligent enough to figure out that simply raising the volume can solve the issue, we’ll be presenting other possible fixes.

One likely explanation is that dirt, earwax, or sweat get stuck in the speaker mesh and form a thick layer inside the AirPods.

Clean up the AirPods

Surely you’ve guessed that simply cleaning up your AirPods regularly can get you rid of the annoying issue. You can do likewise by grabbing a soft and dry toothbrush. But don’t be too aggressive with it! Water and soap are out of the question. The first two generations of AirPods don’t even feature protection against water.

Turn off the volume limit

Some smartphone and headphone manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to stop the volume from surpassing a certain threshold in order not to damage your hearing. And who are we to contradict them?

Obviously, some people might be annoyed by the feature, as they want a higher volume for the music they play.

Here’s how to turn off the volume limit on iPhones:

  1. Select the Settings menu and tap on ‘Sound and Haptics’
  2. Select the ‘Headphone Safety’ option that’s placed under ‘Headphone Audio’
  3. Use the ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ option to turn off the volume limit.

Update the software

A lot of technical issues can emerge if you’re using outdated software. It’s available for a lot of apps out there, operating systems, as well as hardware devices. In the case of the AirPods, those issues can include playing music at a lower volume than the user wants, lack of connection with the device, and more.

To update the software of your device, do the following:

  1. Head over to ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap on ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’
  3. If the ‘Update Now’ option is available, don’t hesitate to hit it! If not, it means that your device is updated.

Check for Bluetooth-related synchronization issues

The volume on the connected devices not being synchronized can lead to your AirPods remaining too quiet even though the volume level of your device is high enough. The solution is surprisingly simple. Disconnecting and reconnecting your Bluetooth devices is the key.

Here’s what to do:

  • Link the iPhone to the AirPods through Bluetooth and wear them.
  • Start listening to a song and decrease the volume to zero.
  • Disconnect the AirPods and play a song on the speaker of your device.
  • Decrease the volume down to zero on your iPhone.
  • Activate Bluetooth and link the iPhone to your AirPods once again.

Feel free to tell us which one of the methods has solved your problem with AirPods! Feel free to try each one at a time until the issue goes away!

Apple is now selling three different wireless earbuds. The all-new noise-canceling AirPods Pro is of the 2nd Generation.

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