Instagram alpha APK is Available NOW

How can you stay in touch with the girl or the guy of your dreams if you don’t have an Instagram account? Let’s face it: not being active on social media nowadays will surely make you socially awkward. And everybody wants to be a pleasant companion for those around them! Well, almost everybody…

The famous Instagram app for mobile phones has just received the new alpha update in the form of an APK, which means that you already have the chance to grab it! You can choose either the bundle APK version with three splits or any of the simple APK versions. It’s all up to you!

What’s new

There aren’t any patch notes available for Instagram alpha, which means that the best way to find out what’s new is to simply install the whole thing. Don’t worry, as it won’t take long at all! Regardless of the version you choose, a few dozen of megabytes will be required for your free storage space.

Having a smartphone that’s compatible with the new Instagram update is very easy. The new APK update is compatible with any phone that runs on Android 9 and above, which means that pretty much anybody should qualify. Let’s not forget that Android 9 is an operating system that was released five years ago.

With the Instagram app, you can discover the incredible world of the Meta-owned platform! It’s your personal space to unleash your creativity and effortlessly share your mesmerizing photos, captivating stories, delightful reels, and captivating videos with your beloved friends and devoted followers.

You can even brace yourself for an exciting new experience with INSTA reels, a unique way to create and explore short, entertaining videos. Get ready to immerse yourself in a dedicated space within the Reels tab, where you can watch, appreciate with likes, leave heartwarming comments, and easily share these incredible reels with your loved ones.

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