Mafia City 1.6.766 APK Update Brings New Features

Those of you who want to play a Mafia game on your Android phones should definitely give the Mafia City game a try. We’re talking about the creation of the guys from Yotta Games.

In Mafia City, you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary strategy experience, vying for the title of Godfather by showcasing your intellect and adept time management skills! You can also choose to embark on audacious heists, forge powerful alliances with fellow players, as well as engage in united battles to seize control over the sprawling City and the intricate Mafia realm. On the other hand, you can consider indulging in companionship with encouraging Cutie Patooties who provide daily inspiration and foster unwavering allegiance from valiant Crew Members who will back you up!

Mafia City 1.6.766 APK is available now

The new Mafia City 1.6.766 update is available now in the form of an APK, and it brings some exciting new features for the players to grab.

The latest update for Mafia City grants access to an all-new event called “Emergency Rescue,” where players can test their mettle in challenging situations.

Additionally, a range of captivating features has been introduced, such as the mighty [Skeleton Warrior] Ops Effect and the intriguing [Hermit Crab] Combine Ops Effect. Players can decorate their turf with the Burger Craze Social Decoration Set and the exclusive Stray Bullet Social Decoration Set, which are obtainable through the thrilling City Royal event.

You can also keep in mind that an optimization has been made to the Street War feature due to the inclusion of a “Display the detailed list?” option for enhanced convenience.

Yotta Games, a prominent game development company founded in 2017 and having its headquarters in Hong Kong, is known for its innovative and immersive gaming experiences. With a focus on creating highly engaging strategy and simulation games, Yotta Games has garnered a dedicated fan base all over the world.

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