The Grand Mafia 1.1.618 APK Update Adds Optimizations

In The Grand Mafia mobile game for Android devices, you get to step into the shoes of a legendary Mafia Boss and seize control of the criminal underworld. After the passing of the Old Godfather, the Family is in need of a powerful leader who can unite the scattered mafia gangs.

Your mission, as a player of The Grand Mafia, is to scour the underworld, gathering a diverse and talented crew of individuals, including thieves, mercenaries, athletes, and businessmen, to bolster your ranks. You’ll get to go through strategic battles and cunning maneuvers in the game, rise to the top and establish yourself as the unrivaled criminal mastermind.

Update 1.1.618 is now available for The Grand Mafia game, and you can grab it in the form of an APK file. But why should you install it in the first place? Keep reading to find out!

What’s new in version 1.1.618 of The Grand Mafia

The latest update for The Grand Mafia introduces a few optimizations and adjustments to enhance the player experience. One notable change is the addition of obtaining method information for specific Faction Customizations, which provides players with clearer guidance on how to acquire these items. Additionally, the animation of the character Babe – Iskania has been optimized, ensuring smoother gameplay.

When it comes to bug fixes, the new 1.1.618 update addresses an issue related to the Floral Awakening event. Previously, the highest-tier reissued rewards were not displayed in the Reward Stash. However, this problem has now been fixed, ensuring that players can properly access and claim their rewards without any missing content. These fixes aim to improve the overall gameplay quality and ensure a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players of The Grand Mafia.

Are you prepared to leave your mark as the most legendary Mafia Boss in The Grand Mafia mobile game?

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