Pokemon GO: Cliff Counters June 2023 and Best Pokemon to Use

In Pokemon Go, Cliff is a challenging opponent to handle, but if you use all of your greatest abilities and methods, you can give yourself a shot at beating this Team Go Rocket Leader. Also, the issue with these leaders is that it is much more difficult to take them down as opposed to the Team Go Rocket Grunts that you will encounter at PokeStops and to make things even worse, you won’t know which group of Pokemon they’re going to send out until you join the battle with them. This makes it much more difficult to take them down.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Check out below Cliff’s weaknesses and best counters to help you win.

Cliff Pokemon Go Lineup (June 2023)

The following Pokemon are currently in Cliff’s collection in Pokemon Go:

  • The first stage includes Aerodactyl
  • The second stage has Slowking, Gallade, and Cradily
  • Dusknoir, Mamoswine, and Tyranitar make up the third phase

It’s no secret that Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff has been a pain in the neck for Pokemon Go trainers for a long time, and that won’t change in June when he sends out Shadow Aerodactyl accompanied by two of six possible Pokemon. In addition to this, whenever there is a Team Go Rocket Takeover, Cliff’s lineup is shuffled about.

Strategies for Conquering Cliff in Pokemon Go

In spite of how difficult Cliff may be to beat in Pokemon Go, there are a few different strategies that will do the trick in a hurry. For instance, if you want to beat Cliff’s current Pokemon in Pokemon Go, one of the greatest teams to use is one that consists of Gengar, Metagross, and Terrakion.

The most vital item to have on your squad is a powerful Steel-type Pokemon like Metagross, which is capable of taking out Cliff’s guaranteed first Pokemon, Aerodactyl, as well as three other probable Pokemon in his roster, including Mamoswine, Tyranitar, and Cradily.

Next, you’ll require a strong Ghost-type Pokemon like Gengar to do short works of Gallade, Slowking, and Dusknoir so that you may go on to the next challenge. It is important to exercise caution when facing Dusknoir because ghost-type Pokemon are susceptible to attacks of the same kind, making this battle a bit of a test of will between two opposing forces.

Keep in mind that even if you end up losing the battle against Cliff, you’ll have the opportunity to compete against him again and again until you do.

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