How to Watch Free Live TV: Best USTVGO Alternatives

Watching free live TV channels is by far one of the best things. Let’s take USTVGO, for instance. The basic video player is what sets USTVGO apart from other services. Even with a mediocre internet connection, it loads really quickly and maintains a high streaming quality throughout. The fact that the service is offered at no cost makes it an excellent option for everyone who likes to experience high-quality entertainment at no charge. But then again, having more options to watch free live TV channels should always be a choice!

We’ve come up with a mini-guide on other USTVGO options you can start watching right now. Make sure you check them all out!

Alternatives to USTVGO You Can Choose to Watch

It is possible that you will be extremely surprised to learn that there are numerous options available to you outside the USTVGO and that these options are really sophisticated! Despite the fact that there are a lot of streaming sites that aren’t very good, there are still some good ones out there. We’ve brought some of them to your attention down below:

1. UStream
2. 123TVLIVE
3. Squid TV
4. FreeInterTV
5. OK Live TV
6. YuppTV
7. LiveNewsMag 
8. DirectTV Now
9. Fomny TV
10. Streamfare


Ustream provides users with access to up to 200 channels covering a wide range of topics, such as movies, sports, and entertainment, amongst others. And the fact that you won’t have to pay a dime on anything, despite the fact that the channels are premium, is just incredible! In addition to that, the standard of the contents is fairly high.


You now have the chance to view movies or channels from the United States or the United Kingdom, thanks to 123TVLIVE. There is an overwhelming selection of films, shows, kids channels, various sports, and, of course, newscasts.

Squid TV

Squid TV is yet another excellent option for USTVGO that stands out due to the depth of its video catalog and high standard of video production. There are several sections on this website, including News, Scientific, Entertainment, Shopping, Sports, Music, and Education.

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