Poliwag Community Day: Full Guide For Pokemon Go Adventure Week

Trainers, get ready to go! On July 30 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (according to your local time), Pokémon Go will be holding its Poliwag Community Day event. That is most certainly mind-blowing news, don’t you think?! As is to be anticipated with the Community Day, Poliwag will spawn in large numbers, and there is a very good probability that it will be shiny. There are also several other bonuses and perks, so make sure you don’t miss them out!

Read below for more Poliwag facts.

How to Catch a Shiny Poliwag?

Because the chances of finding a shiny Pokémon during Community Days are around 1 in 25, this indicates that if you remain playing for the whole duration of the three-hour timeframe, you should find a good number of shiny Pokémon. It’s not easy, but it’s well worthwhile in the end! You may also do the following to improve your likelihood of catching a Poliwag:

You may light an Incense and then swiftly tap every Poliwag to see whether ones have the Shiny feature. Additionally, any Poliwag that has been tapped by you in the past will face the direction in which your player is positioned, which should make it easier to determine which ones you have already checked. Neat!

Poliwag’s Community Day Full Moves

The Poliwag may evolve into the Poliwrath and then into the Politoed in its last two stages. If you choose to evolve them during this Community Day event, then they will get new moves once they have evolved. For instance, if you evolve a Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath, you will be able to give it the quick attack Counter. This evolution just requires 100 Poliwag Candy.

Last but not least, the charged attack Ice Beam is only available to Poliwhirl once it has evolved into Politoed, a process that requires 100 Poliwag Candy and a King’s Rock.

Try out any of these extras for a more enjoyable experience on Community Day:

  • Increased chances of obtaining XL sweets from catching Pokémon for trainers of level 31 and higher for a period of three hours thanks to Lure Modules.
  • One quarter of the average hatching time for eggs that were deposited in incubators during the event.
  • Candy rewards for collecting Pokémon Poliwag, including unique photobombs to use while shooting pictures, have been doubled.
  • Incense burns for a total of three hours.
  • Trading costs for stardust were cut in half.
  • One special extra trade


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