Overwatch 2: Invasion’s Story Missions New Trailer Displays Sojourn and Her Dog Murphy

With its most recent cinematic trailer for Overwatch 2, Blizzard is experimenting with something a little bit different. This time around, the spotlight is shining brightly on Sojourn and her adorable dog Murphy. It is unknown whether this will encourage people to continue in the game and maybe complete their Season 5 Battle Pass. In any case, you will most certainly want to check out the fresh trailer since it maintains the great tradition of high-quality animated films for Overwatch 2 that Blizzard has been maintaining.

Check out all the cool details below.

At the beginning of the trailer, Sojourn is seen going about her normal life in Toronto, picking up some coffee on the way to a stroll with Murphy. It’s not going to give much away to suggest that things don’t stay so calm for very long. As was said earlier, the most recent cinematic short for Overwatch 2, being released by Blizzard, clearly represents an attempt from the developer to do something a little bit new.

We don’t want to give too much more away because it’s a terrific short that you should see for yourself, but we will say that it has some sort of connection to the debut of Overwatch 2: Invasion the following week.

It looks as well that players will be going up against substantially larger foes while participating in story missions. The fact is that the areas in this game mode are “four to five times bigger” compared to the ones utilized in the other game modes. It also suggests that the extra space will be put to use by the inclusion of large-scale foes, such as the gigantic Null Sector robot seen in the video firing off missiles. Overwatch 2: Invasion will have three separate narrative missions, each of which will take place in a unique area that is under siege by Null Sector. These locations include Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, and Toronto.

John Cena, a former professional wrestler who is now an actor, was also revealed to be joining Overwatch in the announcement made by Blizzard. Cena will be making his way into the game in the role of The Enigma, a shadowy person who appears to be assisting Overwatch.

On August 10, Overwatch 2: Invasion will officially air.

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