Possible GTA 6 Release Window Leaked by Take-Two Financial Report

We bet you weren’t ready for this one: As part of its most recent consolidated financial report, Take-Two Interactive appears to provide a likely release timetable for Grand Theft Auto 6, though this is only a hint. Take-Two provided this tidbit of information on the business’s near-term plans during its most recent earnings call. During the same call, the company also defended the cost of the Red Dead Redemption port for the Switch.

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What Can We Expect Regarding the Potential Release Date of GTA 6?

The most recent earnings call from Take-Two Interactive predicts that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released within the next 20 months, which is in line with past source allegations and the business’s revenue expectations. Isn’t it just the greatest thing ever?

In addition, the game might be released during Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025, which will finish in March 2025. Of course, it’s a long way, but at least we’ve got something to believe in! And speaking of believing, please take all the claims with a considerate amount of salt. Based on the trends of previous releases, this would indicate that the game could be released before the end of 2024.

Given that the game hasn’t even been shown to the public yet, as well as the fact that the publisher has traditionally shown a preference for extended marketing campaigns, the likelihood of that prediction coming true is quite low. Still, we’re actually very happy to see it happen like this. As previously said, it’s great to have something to believe in!

Finally, Take-Two anticipates a “significant inflection point” in fiscal 2025, which suggests the possibility of a release of Grand Theft Auto 6 within that timeframe. The specific release window is not known, but this hints at the possibility of a release.

We repeat ourselves, whatever the circumstances may be, the fact that Take-Two is presently informing investors to get ready for a historically profitable fiscal year 2025 does give hope that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in the very near future.

Therefore, the present state is the same: the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is ongoing.

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