Overwatch 2’s Steam Release Comes With Mixed Feelings From Fans; Here’s Why

Since Overwatch 2 is now available on Steam, users are at last able to provide feedback, and it’s not looking good. So far, the game has received “mostly negative” reviews after its first day of release. But how can that be?! The way that Blizzard has managed the development of the game over the last year has been criticized by a significant number of users. These criticisms range from the company’s decision to move to the sequel to its decision to eviscerate the originally announced PvE Hero mode.

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As part of a new push that Blizzard is doing to distribute some of its games on Valve’s platform, Overwatch 2 was just released on another popular gaming platform, Steam. On the very first day of its debut, the free-to-play hero shooter garnered over 6,000 user evaluations and a “Mostly Negative” classification, which is pretty astonishing, yet, the majority of us have mixed feelings about the game.

The game is fun, I still feel the experience I love so much in there; it’s just damaged by such intrusive greed [that] I can’t recommend it to anyone, said Steam user Ornge.

A lot of gamers have spoken about the way Blizzard has dealt with the development over the last year, from the actual shift to the sequel to the current stripping of its planned PvE Hero mode. This topic was brought up by a lot of users. Because a substantial majority of the reviews are apparently submitted by veteran players who have clocked hundreds of hours, the atmosphere is distinct from that of a typical unpopular game launch. This is due to the fact that longstanding players have more experience than newer players.

Moreover, the new entry is one of the most puzzling sequels in the game industry because of the confused transition from Overwatch 1, and the removal of its PvE Hero mode shortly thereafter only made the situation much more difficult. Blizzard has been consistently criticized by both active and inactive players for selling parts of the game that had not been previously commercialized, such as tying the unlocking of new heroes to the purchase of a premium battle pass and then offering skin bundles for $20 in the game’s shop. And, if you want to know the truth, this is what brought about all of the mixed feelings that we have today.

Putting aside the many reasons for disappointment, there is still a chance that Blizzard will be able to win back some goodwill over time. And hear us out. Illari, the new support hero introduced in Season 6, is instantly lovely, and the story missions are quite cool.

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