‘Hi Drivers’ Release Date and What Else to Expect

Those who are avid fans of Hi-DRIVERS will have to know that the anthem that encapsulates the essence of the forthcoming racing anime has now been brought to life due to an animated music video! You can indulge in this visual delight on the official YouTube channel that’s dedicated to the show.

The music video offers a striking resemblance to the world of idol anime, wherein the animated characters themselves take center stage, moving in synchronized dance routines to the captivating rhythm of the song. This video not only enhances the excitement for the imminent animated racing spectacle but also evokes the spirit of idol culture, adding an extra layer of charm to the musical experience.

The ‘Hi Drivers’ anime will start in 2023

If you’re one of those who are waiting for the launch of the Hi Drivers anime series, it’s time to mark your calendars for its arrival! The curtain is set to rise this year, as officially disclosed, and there’s no precise release date announced so far.

With an impressive portfolio that includes contributions to revered works like Love Live! and Kinomo Friends Season 2, Naoya Ando, the Assistant Director, has left his creative mark on this effort. Character animation comes under the keen guidance of Tomoyuki Fujii, who has notably overseen Sunshine!!, while the realm of mechanical and effect animation is masterfully curated by the skillful hands of Tomohiro Kawahara. As anticipation mounts, the stage is set for an animated spectacle that promises to captivate hearts and rev up excitement in great style.

The cast

Embarking on a thrilling journey that melds various genres, the commencement of street racing is heralded by the unveiling of Hi-Drivers’ latest teaser video, main photo, main cast, and core staff. This venture is orchestrated by Bandai Namco Arts, who have set their sights on crafting an innovative original TV animation that promises to seize the attention of the audience.

At the helm of the creative venture stands Director Naoya Andou, whose visionary leadership guides the narrative’s trajectory. The fabric of this imaginative world is woven together by the original character designs meticulously crafted by the talented Pako, lending a distinct visual identity to the characters and their stories.

Adding depth and resonance to these characters is the deft hand of Character Designer Tomoyuki Fujii, who shapes their appearances and personalities. The essence of Night Break is captured by the contributions of Mitsunori Ikeda, while the sonic landscape of Nanairo Monster is brought to life by the prowess of JUVENILE. The musical journey of Sin Destiny resonates with the artistry of TeddyLoid, while the beats of Djungarian pulsate under the influence of Motsu.

As the wheels of excitement begin to turn, the fusion of talent, narrative, and sound promises a viewing experience that will captivate enthusiasts and newcomers alike, showcasing the prowess of the main contributors of Hi-Drivers.

One of the impressive facts about Bandai Namco Arts is its diverse and extensive involvement in the entertainment industry. As a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, the company not only engages in anime production and distribution but also holds a remarkable portfolio encompassing music production, voice acting agencies, event management, and more. This multifaceted approach allows them to create synergies across various aspects of entertainment, contributing to a rich and interconnected ecosystem that spans anime, music, and other forms of media.

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