Warframe and Cross-progression is Finally Happening!

After ten long years, Warframe will finally feature cross-progression, which is absolutely a dream come true for all of the players out there who have been waiting for this for a whole decade. In point of fact, the Warframe cross progression proved to be one of the features that was requested the most, and happily, Digital Extremes has announced that it is going to happen very soon. The cross-progression is going to make it possible for players, no matter the platform they are using to play Warframe, to pick up just where they left off when they return to the game. That is so great, right?

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In Warframe, the cross-progression feature is a mechanism that has been applied more broadly recently to ensure that you can get all of your content no matter the device on which you are playing. This allows you to play the game on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. So, when will we see that finally happen? Do we have a release date?

Well, you’ll probably want to wait for that a bit.

Despite the fact that Digital Extremes said at Tennocon 2023 that cross-progression will at long last be included in Warframe, it did not provide any information regarding a release window or anything like that. As a result, the timeframe for the implementation of the cross-progression functionality in Warframe is not something that can be predicted with any degree of accuracy. The only thing that truly counts is for all of us to keep our fingers crossed that the wait won’t be too long!

Additionally, crossplay was added to Warframe early this year by Digital Extremes; hence, cross-progression seems like the natural next step for the multiplayer game to take. You can always check it out here if you’re interested in viewing the presentation video from Tennocon 2023 and getting a beautiful taste of what’s to come in the future.

What are your thoughts so far about Warframe’s development and its news of finally getting the much-awaited cross-progression feature?

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