Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator: How to Play the Game Online

Let’s be honest on this one: Pokemon games never get old for those who are fans of the legendary franchise. With a long history of almost three decades, Pokemon is popping out video game after video game.

While any Pokemon fan is well aware of the related video games where he has to train, catch, and engage Pokemon in various gym battles, there’s a new game available out there that brings a totally different concept. Known as Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator, this new game allows various Pokemon to fuse with one another. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted to see how Raichu would look like while fused with Jolteon, how Pikachu would merge with Cloyster, or how Lapras would join forces with Meganium, you just can’t skip Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator!

How to play the game

Learning how to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator is nothing difficult. All you need to do is carefully follow a few simple steps:

1. Choose your Pokemon

In general, you can’t jump on the bandwagon of Pokemon games if you don’t choose at least one Pokemon. In our case, you must select a Pokemon that’s quite strong, and preferably fully evolved. For instance, you should select Venusaur regardless of how much you might like Bulbasaur.

2. Select the fusion

As long as you have selected your first Pokemon, you need to choose the other Pokemon that will fuse with the first. As you seek this second Pokemon, you must make sure to consider traits such as moves, skill, power type, and element type.

3. Analyzing the fusion sources

The game can generate a long range of fusion possibilities after you select the base and fusion Pokemon. You will have to select which fusion you like the most, and that has the potential to fulfill your expectations.

4. Analyze stats and abilities

The next step is to take into account very seriously the stats distribution, as well as the skillset dividing, and analyze them carefully. Although a fusion might seem intimidating at first, it might not lead to such an impressive overall performance of the resulting Pokemon. That’s why you need to assess all aspects of the fusion carefully.

5. Share your result

In the end, after you’ve obtained the fusion you wanted from the two Pokemon that you’ve chosen, you can simply share the outcome with your friends in order to have some fun. Surely, they can become inspired and play the game themselves if they’re Pokemon fans.

Why it’s worth playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator can be a very fun-to-play game, even if you’re a Pokemon fan or not. You can take into account the graphical representation, for instance, as the fusion resulting from the two Pokemon chosen will reveal itself in its full glory. In other words, you can have a good laugh seeing how two drastically different Pokemon would look like while fused with one another.

Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator will also allow you to have access to the community databases. In other words, you can explore the combinations of other players so that you may find the right inspiration for another round of the game. Who knows what other weird fusion combination could emerge?

Are you a true Pokemon trainer? Do you want to catch ’em all? Are you up for a new challenge while exploring the beautiful Pokemon world? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator becomes mandatory!

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