What Are the Best Breakfast Cereals High in Iron? Check Out Our List!

Our bodies are highly dependent on iron. The well-known mineral helps our body when it comes to both development and growth. Hemoglobin is made in the organism with the help of iron. For those unaware, hemoglobin is an essential protein existing in the red blood cells that can carry oxygen from our lungs to all areas of the body. Myoglobin is also made in the human body with the help of iron.

You got the point: we just can’t live without iron, regardless of how much we might not like the idea. This can only mean that eating healthy and meals that contain a high concentration of iron is crucial. Since breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day, we just can’t avoid talking about some of the best breakfast cereals that have a high concentration of iron:

Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Perhaps you know the incredible health benefits that oats have to offer. The instant oat provides a high concentration of fiber, which can aid in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the human body, and stabilize the blood sugar levels, while it can also make you feel full for a long amount of time.

The Quaker instant oatmeal stands out for containing roughly 4.64mg of iron.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars

You should definitely give the chewy granola bars from Quaker a try, and not only because of their delicious taste. The product fully consists of whole grain, but it also features other nutritious ingredients. There aren’t any additives, flavors, or colors.

Welch Fruit Snacks

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a snack from time to time, and the Welch Fruit Snacks are even exceptionally healthier! The cereal completely lacks gluten, additives, or any artificial flavors. This can be a huge health benefit for those looking to have healthy meals as much as possible.

Welch Fruit Snacks are also rich in fruits, as you’ve probably already guessed.

Cheerios Breakfast Cereal

Cheerios breakfast cereals are also made from whole grains, and they’re exceptionally low in fat and calories. Unsurprisingly, there’s also a high concentration of iron there, which can give you the energy you need to make it through the day.

Kashi GOLEAN Cereal

If you’re a vegan, you definitely have to give the kasha GOLEAN cereal a try. A lot of vegans out there choose to consume the product, and there’s no other why. The nutritional value is especially tempting, as the vital vitamins and minerals included are in the front row. The iron content is also not to be neglected, as it reaches 5.0mg.

Feel free to tell us about your own experiences with breakfast cereals high in iron!

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