Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle: How to Win

Trainers, get ready to go! The much-anticipated Mewtwo Tera Raid fight has finally arrived, and now is your opportunity to win and capture one of these legendary Pokémon. You will have the opportunity to compete against and catch the formidable Psychic-type Pokémon during the Unrivaled Mewtwo Tera Raid event, which will take place from September 1 through September 17. That is so great, right? Find out how to conquer the Mewtwo Tera Raid below.

The Unrivaled Mewtwo Tera Raid: Strategies for Conquering It

Mewtwo is a Pokémon of the Psychic type equipped with powerful Special Attacks. It has been granted a Psychic Tera Type in the Tera Raids, which amplifies the effectiveness of its Psychic techniques. However, it also possesses covering moves that may defend against attacks of the Ghose, Bug, and Dark types, which, if successful, would cause very effective damage. Check out the following details to get ready:

  • There is only room for one Mewtwo capture in each game save.
  • The Star Level is 7.
  • If you enroll in this Tera Raid Battle with Mew, it will earn a stat boost for the duration of the fight.
  • Ability Capsule Ability Capsule *1 (5%)
  • PP Up PP Up *3 (5%)
  • Ability Patch Ability Patch *1 (2%)
  • Psychic Tera Shard Psychic Tera Shard *5 (10%)
  • Modest Mint Modest Mint *1 (11%)
  • Bottle Cap Bottle Cap *2 (5%)

You may want to use a Support Mew build to effectively fight the Unrivaled Mewtwo if you make use of Mew’s ability to pick up any move and adapt to a variety of roles. Mew is one of the Pokémon that can learn moves quickly. If you bring Mew to the raid, your Health Points will increase by 50 percent, and all of your other stats will increase by 20 percent, turning you into a deadly foe. You might also try using Wo-Chien, Honchkrow, or Spiritomb, all of which have Dark-type attacks that are capable of inflicting heavy damage on Mewtwo.

Don’t forget to use the Pokémon’s vulnerabilities and employ suitable defenses in order to maximize the odds of your success.

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