What is Holstin and How to Play This Horror Game?

The survival horror video game Holstin takes place in a small Polish village in the 1990s that has been overrun by an unknown infestation. This game is probably unlike anything else you’ve ever played, which is fantastic news in terms of the overall quality of your gaming experience. You will have the opportunity to investigate a peculiar underwater coral that is developing in the shadows; it appears to have mutated all of the inhabitants into monstrosities. Therefore, it is up to you to investigate, to be willing to face any problems that may arise, to search for answers, and, most importantly, to survive.

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Holstin Gameplay and Other Facts

You can find a demo for Holstin split into two parts on Steam. The first one gives you the opportunity to investigate the setting and environment, while the second demo focuses more on the more action-oriented aspects of survival horror. Cool! Make sure you don’t miss a thing from Holstin’s official trailer:

And here’s to the features! The stamina meter in Holstin gives the impression that the game is a little more difficult than other horror video games. When you take damage, it doesn’t only affect your health; it also lowers your highest level of stamina, which reduces the amount of time you have to evade attacks and aim down your sights. Quite remarkable! It is often preferable to sneak up on your target rather than make a lot of noise, but if circumstances get nasty, you may always target bodily parts to remove heads, legs, or limbs.

Additionally, you have the ability to combine goods in your inventory, control the charge of a flashlight, and meticulously number bullets as you fire your firearm. The mix of some frenetic, uncontrolled firefights with the surroundings and claustrophobic dread of exploration is undoubtedly a pretty fascinating combo, and you won’t regret accepting it at all!

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