Top 5 Games Similar to Episode Story That You Need to Try

Mobile gaming has been growing in popularity tremendously in recent years, and there aren’t any signs of slowing down. The Episode Story app is one of the most interesting games for Android and iOS out there for many folks, but what could you do when you get bored of it? It’s in our human nature to get bored of just about anything, unfortunately or not.

Episode games have their roots in various life situations, which is why a lot of people are into such content. Let’s dive into the alternatives to the game and see what else can delight us at least as much! Behold:

Romance Club

Are romantic games your thing? If your answer is ‘yes,’ it means you should definitely not neglect what Romance Club has to offer! Let’s face it: We’ve all been in those situations in life when we need to be or at least act romantic, whether it’s for our spouse, that girl or boy we have a crush on, etc. Romance Club might give you the incentive you need to make things work. The game brings specific types of situations for you to handle, all from the comfort of your own smartphone. There are lots of levels to complete and plenty of characters to choose from.

Romance Club is compatible with both Android devices and iPhones.

High School Story

Do you want to own your own high school and run it the way you want? Well, High School Story won’t give you that chance, but it will give you a pretty good illusion of it! This game allows you to add unique characters to your school, and even unlock exclusive stories. But beware, as those stories won’t be easy to get unlocked!

High School Story is free to play, and you can get it installed and running as long as you have an Android or iOS device.

Hollywood Story

If you’ve always been thinking that your life could be the subject of the best Hollywood movie, now’s your chance! The Hollywood Story app gives you exactly that chance! You can create your own story the way you want it and make a movie out of it. You can add a plethora of characters as well, so there’s no use in being worried that you’ll run out of ideas.

You can even personalize your character like a true Hollywood director! You can change clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and so on.

AdVenture Capitalist

Are you tired of working for that annoying boss of yours who constantly wants more from you and remains unsatisfied each and every time? It means you should start and run a business of your own, and AdVenture Capitalist gives you that chance.

With this game, you can establish and run your own business the way you’ve always wanted. You can hire the employees you want, try to dominate the market, and many more. You will most likely even get the chance to fire that annoying employee who doesn’t accept to flatter you at least two times a day.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown will be the best-rated love story that’s capable of running directly on your phone! In fact, this app will provide you with a long list of romantic stories, and it’s even loaded with animated characters. The high-quality graphics also represent a plus in the book of any gamer, and it’s certainly the case here as well!

Feel free to leave your comments on our list down in the comment section! We’d love to read them!


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