HTML5 Games: Everything You Need to Know

Some people claim that HTML (which stands for Hypertext Markup Language) is a programming language. In reality, it’s just the layout for web pages. But that’s not all. In recent years, some smart guys have realized that they can do a lot more with HTML than just to establish paragraphs, images, or tables. That’s how HTML5 came to be.

HTML5 games represent a natural progression. Who doesn’t like the idea of playing games directly in the browser without the need to install them on a device? However, HTML5 games were also created using lines of code written in CSS and JavaScript. But they offer the advantage of not having to use external plugins such as Flash and not being forced to install them on a laptop or phone.

However, let’s also not forget that HTML5 games can usually bypass restrictions. Network filters or firewalls block certain games, but that’s not available in the case of HTML5 games. These latter games can be played from just about anywhere as long as you have a device that can go online.

How do HTML5 games work?

HTML5 offers features such as audio, video, and canvas elements, which make it possible for developers to create games that work directly in the browser. HTML5 is also the latest version of HTML.

HTML5 will work on just about any device, whether we’re talking about a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and so on. If your frying pan can go online, you can play HTML5 games on it! Well, it’s not exactly like that, but you get the point!

Why are HTML5 games popular?

One of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of HTML5 games is obviously their high level of accessibility. As there’s no need to download anything, wait hours for the downloading process itself, and so for the installation, all you need to do is to select the game and hit ‘play.’ Everybody can do it, from any part of the globe!

It doesn’t matter what kind of games you prefer. You might be into strategy, puzzles, action, and so on. In all cases, there’s something for everyone. There are thousands of HTML5 games out there, and lots of websites that offer them. Among the best websites that offer you the chance to play such games, we can remind you about the following:

  • Coolmath Games: This is one of the popular websites that offers access to HTML5 games. You can find both entertaining and educational games.
  • Miniclip: Miniclip is very old in the business, but don’t let that deceive you! The platform has a very large collection of games, and many of them are built on HTML5.
  • Poki: There are many free games on Poki as well, and plenty of them are HTML5 as well.
  • Newgrounds: This platform is known for hosting a lot of Flash games, but there are plenty of titles built using HTML5 as well.
  • Poki Kids: This platform focuses on HTML5 games that are suitable for the little ones.
  • PlayCanvas: PlayCanvas can also be a worthy alternatives, and not just because you haven’t found your favorite HTML5 game on the other websites mentioned here.

HTML5 games represent a worldwide phenomenon, and even if you’re not usually into gaming, it remains a good idea to give such titles a try, at least during your breaks from work. When there’s nothing to do, and your boss isn’t looking, let’s face it: we’re all tempted to break the rules a bit.


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